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Growing Green

"Join us in creating a beautiful Natural Playground for the enjoyment of our children today and generations to come."

A Naturescape Playground at Braefoot Elementary School is a vital addition for several compelling reasons.

It fosters a deeper connection to nature among students, nurturing their appreciation for the environment from an early age. By incorporating natural wood items and boulders, it creates an immersive, sensory-rich environment where children can explore, learn, and play in a way that conventional playgrounds cannot replicate.

A Naturescape Playground promotes physical activity and holistic development. It encourages imaginative play, problem-solving, and social interaction as children engage with the natural elements. The integration of this playground near the existing black and red playground ensures variety and choice, catering to diverse preferences and abilities.

Fundraising for this project is crucial as it will not only enhance the school's educational offerings but also provide a safe and stimulating space for Braefoot's students. With $15,000 already raised, Braefoot PAC is well on its way to reaching the $40,000 goal. Investing in a Naturescape Playground at Braefoot Elementary School is an investment in the future, offering a unique, enriching experience for generations of students to come.


On the left hand side, please click on the button "Make a Donation"


Choose Braefoot Pac in the destination dropdown menu


Type in the amount you would like to donate and leave a message stating "For Naturescape"


Wait for a tax receipt to be emailed to you

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